tony barea – writer

I am currently working on a variety of writing projects. These include my autobiography One Day I Will Tell The Truth and my blog also of the same name. Also working on what feels like the twentieth rewrite of “Yes Sister” with a soon to be announced title change. If the play gets a reboot then so does the screenplay so more to come on that. And finally, looking forward to the production stage of the feature film I completed in 2019 This Is Bliss.


One day I Will Tell The Truth – Autobiography

Explores my lived expreience with Trauma and addiction and how I went from being an electrician for ten years, then a service station operator for another ten, to becoming an actor, writer and all-round story teller.

One day I Will Tell The Truth – Blog

If you’re on this site my guess is you’ve visited some of my posts, if not just click the menu above.

Yes Sister – Play

Currently working on a rewrite of this play, my fifth from memory. Excited about where it is going.

Yes Sister – Screenplay

As with the Play so goes the Screenplay. Excited about where this is heading and looking forward to sharing more about its continued development.

This Is Bliss – Screenplay

Last report was that this is going into production in the second half of 2020. With all this Covid action, who knows when it might be. Whenever it gets made it will surely be a smash.