One Day I Will Tell The Truth

Here you will find edited videos of all my podcasts as well as other fun stuff.

EP 3: The Truth About Taking Up Acting In Your Forties

In this episode of One Day I Will Tell The Truth I’m talking about taking up acting in your 40s. I’ll share my experiences of how I got into acting at such a late age, and I’ll give some insights into how I overcame some of the obstacles that came up for me.

EP 2: The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

In this episode of One Day I Will Tell The Truth I explore new years resolutions, and the pros and cons around them.

I’ll talk about the truth about how we use resolutions, and what they mean to me. I’ll also share insights into how I managed to leave behind a range of toxic habits and behaviours including drinking, gambling, smoking, caffeine abuse and over-work.

EP 1: Santa’s Truth About Christmas

In this episode of One Day I Will Tell The Truth I’ll share a behind the scenes look of Christmas from Santa Claus’s perspective. 

In 2019 I played Santa in a busy shopping centre in Sydney’s south. It was an eye-opening experience for a former self-employed service station operator and now actor/writer/content creator. I found myself dealing with various unique situations, including kids with disabilities, to catching out potential predators. It is a completely different world.

There’s a lot more to being Santa than meets the eye.