Current Work

The month of May saw a resurgence in auditions for me. As isolation restrictions are lifted productions are starting up again. I have been cast for a corporate video shoot for NSW Health in mid – June. Also waiting to hear back on a number of other recent auditions including another corporate job, a TV commercial for a well-known insurance brand and a new show being produced on STAN. Fingers crossed.


Keeping the acting muscles strong is so important.
Currently keeping fit by working with the following creative people:
David Newman(casting director) – Warehouse Workshop – weekly self-tapes.
Geoff Bennett(director) – weekly scene work.
Micaeley Gibson(casting director) – Scene work/mentoring.
Faith Martin(casting director) – Industry and personal development work.

What else?

Currently working on developing a YouTube channel as well as continuing to write both on my blog and for my upcoming book.