tony barea – writer

Tony Barea is an Illawarra-based writer and actor. Born and raised in the region to Spanish migrant parents, he turned to his passion for the creative arts in 2014 after quitting the life of a Service Station operator.

He has undertaken extensive training in both writing and acting since his career change. He has added several writing credits to his name with an ever-expanding slate. As an actor, Tony is represented by TCM and has appeared in film, tv, theatre and commercials, as well as corporate videos.

Tony is also a Lived Experience Speaker with the Black Dog Institute. He is most passionate about expanding his reach as a storyteller. He is doing this by drawing upon his mental health journey, his rich and diverse working life and his multicultural roots to create powerful Australian stories that will invoke positive change and healing.  


Release – Short Film – 2nd Draft – 2023

Proof of concept film for The Cardinal’s Sister, slated for production in late 2023.

One Billion Watts (working title) – Non-Fiction – Jan 2023 – present

A recent addition to my project list. This work explores my venture into the clean energy market and the pitfalls of trying to balance a creative life and earning an income.

One Day I Will Tell The Truth – Autobiography – Jan 2015 – present.

Explores my lived experience with Trauma and addiction and how I went from being an electrician for ten years, then a service station operator for another ten, to becoming an actor, writer and all-around storyteller.

The Cardinal’s Sister – Stage Play – Jan 2016 – present

In development since 2016. working to produce in late 2023 or early 2024.

The Cardinal’s Sister – Screenplay – Dec 2017 – present

On it’s 3rd draft since a rewrite. Currently sourcing development funding.

This Is Bliss – Screenplay – Dec 2019 – present

Currently in development negotiations with Ambience Entertainment and is also being developed for the Korean market. 

The Cardinal’s Sister – Series – 2022 – present

Early development stage.

The Oz Protocol – 2020 – present

On its 3rd draft. Considering a rewrite before actively pitching.

Roadkill – Series – 2019 – present

Early development stage.