Corona as an opportunity

Just over twelve months ago, I wrote a piece titled Abstinence. At the time, a friend had approached me to let me know that he was pulling away from the drink. I wished him well knowing that the reality was that he would most likely go back and he did. But in saying that he is in a healthier place to move forward, should he chose to try again in the future.

I feel the same way about many things. My intention last year after writing the Abstinence piece was to keep up a regular routine of posting articles. That obviously didn’t eventuate. I have a bunch of half-written drafts to prove it. That’s not to say I didn’t write anything in the last 12 months, actually far from it. My mind would lead me to believe that it wasn’t that productive of a year, but I actually did quite a bit.

Not long after that post I completed work on a screenplay, This Is Bliss with friend Chase Lee. Production set for later this year. I was presented with an opportunity to perform in True West, pulling me back into the acting sphere. This led to two further roles in A Few Good Men and then as Picasso in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Followed most recently with a performance in a new play, Pit by Jackson Used. That’s four theatrical performances in less than twelve months. What was I thinking? Oh, I also got back to work on my book which I’m pleased to say is continuing steadily.

I got to play Santa for six weeks during the lead up to XMAS(have to write about that one). Did some work with a casting agent culminating in gaining representation. Wrote another screenplay, continued to work on my screenwriting and TV writing skills, maintained my yoga practice, attended regular Think Tank sessions (more on that also) and in the middle of it all my father passed away.

And now, here I am almost seven years after writing my first post Fill Her Up Please, I’m starting all over again for the fourth or fifth time, and it’s all good. Perhaps I’ll do something different this time. Maybe some video blogs. Time will tell.

One thing is clear, and that is while the current Coronavirus situation is concerning, with conflicting messaging from those in leadership positions leading to increased levels of fear and an increase in unconscious/irrational behaviour. I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to reflect and in my case, get on with what I feel I need to be doing. Being more creative while at the same time looking after myself and those closest to me in the knowledge that while it may be uncomfortable for a period, it will pass.











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