My Yoga practise in the age of Corona!

This morning I had my third Yoga class online, with the help of everyone’s newest best friend ZOOM the video conferencing app that’s taken the world by storm without the nasty side-effects.

The Studio, well, half of it.(Photo courtesy Yoga Vidya)

I started my Yoga journey in late 2018 at my local studio Yoga Vidya located in the Wollongong suburb of Port Kembla. At various times since my early twenties, I had felt the urge to take it up that it would be “cool” to do yoga. Only problem was I was already in the cool gang and doing yoga didn’t fit into it. Yoga classes don’t work when your spending most of your free time, drinking amongst other unhealthy things. So it was no surprise that I only took to the practise after I eliminated the bad habits.

The Yoga Vidya team led by studio founder Kelly Ryan on the far right with team members Shell Whitbread, Kristy Wright and Sarah Kobel. (missing from shot is Renee Dyson).                Photo courtesy Yoga Vidya. 

My practice involves going to classes around 2-5 times per week, depending on my schedule. I have been trying to incorporate a daily home practise as well, as deep down I know that that’s where the gold is. I’m slowly getting there. And now that we don’t have a say in the matter, for me, I can only see it as a positive.

Who would have thought that the path that lay between two pubs that I used to frequent regularly would become the location for the yoga studio that I would end up attending? But that’s what happened. One of the pubs has even closed.

I have a whole chapter dedicated to my yoga journey in ODIWTTT(the book) due for completion later this year. It will detail how it has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually. How it has helped me deal with the grief associated with the loss of my father last year, and the strain on the body that comes with performing roles that require you to dig deep, as well as deep-seated trauma.


I have had a few close guesses in my ODIWTTT guessing competition. For those that are unfamiliar, I am offering the opportunity to be the first to read my book to whoever guesses it’s title from the acronym ODIWTTT.

Current guesses include:                                                                                                  Overcoming Depression In Ways That Transform Trauma                                                        One day I will thank the telephone                                                                                              One day I will take the time

Fell free to post your guess on any of the social media feeds connected to this post.


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